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Residential Solar Brisbane

We’ve helped 100’s of Brisbane homeowners with a ‘stress-free’ move to solar. Now they are enjoying their greener, cheaper future with less expensive bills. 

Commercial Solar Brisbane

Looking to slash your cost, or grow your business with commercial solar? Get in with our solar design experts to discuss the best system for your needs. 

Tesla Powerwall 2

Generating a lot of power but no where to store it? We have installed 100’s of Tesla Powerwall 2’s in Australia. Take back control of your energy.

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10 Year Workmanship

10 year worksmanship warranty

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Cec accredited installers

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Solar Panel Brands We Install In Brisbane

SunPower Solar Panels

Sunpower are a dominating solar panel brand in the world. They offer long lasting warranties (40 years) and boast the highest efficiency in the industry.

Hyundai Solar Panels

Hyundai solar panels offer a blue chip, highly reliable solar panel with above 20% conversion efficiency. Backed by a 25 year warranty these are quality. 

QCell Solar Panels

QCell solar panels are designed by German engineering and manufactured in South Korea. This back them with high quality, for an affordable price. 

Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko solar panels were our top selling solar panels last year. They provide for everyone in terms of price, performance and warranties. Great all-rounder! 

Longi Solar Panels

Longi, also know as the budget Sunpower panels. These beasts are one of the best in the industry for performance and price. Using N-Type tech for high performance.

Canadian Solar Panels

Really popular in Brisbane, these solar panels are excellent for value. They can offer you a fast return on investment and come with long lasting warranties as well. 

LG Solar Panels

One of our most popular solar panel brands. LG offer some of the best warranties in the industry as well as high performing solar panels. They are also in electronics as well. 

Trina Solar Panels

Trina solar panels are a great choice for efficient but affordable solar panels. They are getting increasingly more popular and becoming an industry leader. 

We Are Different. We Are Real Solar Installers Brisbane.

solar design engineers are designing a system for our solar installers melbourne to fit
solar installers melbourne designing a tailored solar system for a homeowner

Being run by solar electricians gives us an unique approach to solar. Our solar installers in Brisbane work very closely with our solar design engineers to tailored a system around your home, goals and budget. Having gone through our extensive training we ensure all of our solar installers maintain our high level of standards. This is much higher than most solar companies in the industry, giving us a competitive edge when it comes to solar installation. Our solar installers are different. They are real Solar Installers Brisbane

Take Full Control Of Your Power With Your Own Solar Battery.

Tesla Powerwall 2

Easily the most popular battery in the solar industry. Tesla powerwall 2 is made from high quality engineering and comes backed with a strong warranty and performance. 

Sonnen Battery

Sonnen sets itself from the crowd using new technology, long lasting warranties and safe chemistry. They also have a good reputation and developed over 10 models. 

QCell Q.HOME Core

This brand new QCell battery soon to come available in Australia is engineered by German technology and forecast to be one of the industries best solar battery. 

Specialist Designed Solar Systems.

SunPower 15.7kW System

47 x Sunpower Performance Solar Panels
2 x SolarEdge 8kW 3 Phase Inverters

Trina 96kW Commercial System

216 x 445w Longi solar panels
3 x 27kW Fronius Inverter

commercial solar panel installation melbourne
bayswater commerical solar panel system

Tesla Powerwall 2

Tesla powerwall 2 installations
We’ve installed over 100+ Tesla powerwall 2’s in Australia.

Our Promise To Brisbane Homeowners...

Local CEC Accredited Installers

Cec accredited installers

Be assured than on every job we use CEC accredited solar installers to carry out your solar panel installation. This ensures they are qualified, and going above the industry standards. 

High-End, Tier 1 Solar Panel Products

tier 1 solar panels

We will only provide you with tier 1 solar panels products. This means you are getting the highest rated products in the industry that have been tested for performance. 

High Quality, Genuine Solar Panel Installation

Ask our customers, our solar panel installations are genuine and high quality. We go above and beyond on every job so we can raise the industry standards one day at a time. 

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Lightning Solar was founded by Luke Cove after seeing that the solar industry was dominated by sales and marketing types. Being an electrician for 15 years he realised an opening for offering a genuine, high quality service. Since then he has grown his team to become a national solar retailer, raising the industry standards every where they go. 

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