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Solar Panel Installation In Brisbane

What Do We Offer?

Expert Installation For Solar Panels

We provide homeowners in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs high quality solar panel installation. Our team are highly trained professionals and can provide industry-perfect installation of solar panels.

It’s our aim to provide solar systems that are installed correctly throughout, from the rail to the inverter. 

When it comes to installing your solar panels we have specialists in place for each task. This means you can be assured that each member of our team are qualified and experienced in that role. 

For the electrical side we employ professional, experience solar electricians.

Only the best and experienced CEC solar installers carry out our solar panel installation in Brisbane to ensure we provide the highest quality install in the industry.  

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Comprehensive FREE Design Consultations

Something that makes us stand out from the crowd is our FREE design consultations.

Here you will be able to run through your comprehensive solar experience and understand exactly why & what solar panels are right for you. This is done with one of our top CEC accredited solar design experts

Having a local team of solar installers in Brisbane allows for us to even come to your home for a quick site audit to maximise your solar consultation. 

If you are unsure about what solar panels are right for you, or would just like to work out and design your own solar system then we can help. 

Whats included?

  • Personalised quote tailored to your budget & requirements 
  • 3D visualisations of your own solar system (based on energy consumption and size of roof)
  • FREE Professional advice to help you understand what solar system is best suited for you 
  • Complete system outline and site design 

What Solar Panel Systems Can You Choose From?

Good Budget Solar System

Mid-Range Solar System

High-End Solar Systems

LG solar panels
jinko solar panels
sunpower solar panels
longi solar panels

Design Your Own Solar System Today Starting From $2799!

With The Help From Our CEC Accredited Solar Design Experts!
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Why Choose Lightning Solar & Electrical?

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Who Are We?

Lightning Solar & Electrical is a local Queensland company with local business ethics and morals. It’s our goal to support our community and provide homeowners with affordable solar panel solutions in Queensland.  

Why Choose Us?

With over 150+ 5 star reviews over Facebook, Google & SolarQuotes it’s safe to say we provide an excellent service. Our reviews tell the tale of the outstanding service that we provide. Our team are friendly and will always put you first. 

What Do We Do?

We have experts in lots of different fields in our industry. Due to our wide range of experience we can offer lots of solar services. These range from solar panel installation, solar rebates, solar battery solutions and much more!

After Sales Care & Support!

For us, it doesn’t just stop at the solar installation. Our after sales care and support is one of the best in the industry. We make sure that our customers are have gone through the best experience they could have asked for. 

Having a local office in Brisbane allows for us to be available for homeowners to talk to during the hours that matter the most. Again, our local solar installers can help act on any questions or situations to quickly solve your problems. With a local team we can come out to your home to chat as well. 

Additionally, any issues or concerns are acted on immediately  to maintain our high level of customer service. We aim to fix any problems quickly and without any stress for you.

If you further had any questions, our after sales team can support you for free. We are happy to give our advice and run you through things again if you are still unsure. This is what make us stand out from the crowd.

Solar Installers Brisbane

CEC Accredited Installers

Our top expert installers have all been accredited by the Clean Energy Council. This acknowledges their skills and commitment to solar panel installation in Brisbane. 

The CEC accreditation is given when installers undergo a series of comprehensive training to ensure their standards are the best in the industry. It’s safe to say our installers want to provide Brisbane with safe, high quality solar installs. 

Once they have completed their training they must still meet the industry standards & requirements for installing solar. By doing this our installers maintain their expert level of installation

Our team of installers at Lightning Solar also partake in on-going training to continue you keep up with the high level of industry standards, ensuring we are providing the best possible solar installs for Australians. 

Homeowners in Brisbane can shop in confidence with us knowing that you will get high quality installation through CEC accredited installers. 

This also applies for our team of Tesla certified installers

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Local Friendly Team Of Solar Installers

When our team of friendly installers come to your home, we follow strict guidelines to make it as ‘stress free’ as possible. 

All of our solar installers are local to Brisbane and make it their #1 priority to go ABOVE and BEYOND for our customers. 

They will help you understand which solar system will be best for your home given the factors that need to be taken into consideration. 

Our solar installers are extremely friendly and love will love to have a chat with you! They also have a huge amount of respect and consider your needs at all times. 

As you can see from our reviews, our solar installers are clean and tidy leaving no mess behind! Just what we would expect from Brisbane local solar installers. 

If you require any extra details on the day of installation, our expert installers will be happy to support you and work around any details. 

Experts In Queensland Solar Rebates

government rebates for solar panels

We Can Help You Take Advantage Of The Queensland Solar Rebates!

Our friendly can help you take advantage of the Queensland government solar rebates. We have helped over 2,500 Australian’s partake in Government incentive schemes, so would like to think we are experts in the field. 

Getting your solar rebates is really easy. We will quote you a price and discount the solar rebates from the quote. This way you can get the upfront deduction in cost for solar panels. Over the years we have found this is the easiest, and least stressful way for homeowners. 

However if you are interested in claiming your own solar rebates (STC’s) feel free to get in touch and we can help you. 

Solar rebates come in the form of a Small Scale Technology Certificate (STC’s). How many you will get depends on a few things:

  • The size of your system
  • Your location and postcode
  • How much energy your system produces 
  • When the system was installed

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