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Solar Rebates In Queensland

What are solar rebates?

Solar rebates are one of the biggest advantages of installing solar panels at your home.

It gives you a chance to significantly reduce the upfront cost of buying solar panels and makes it more affordable for everyone.

Not only this, but solar rebates are a massive incentive to help homeowners move towards a cheaper, greener future through solar panels. 

Solar Rebate Brisbane

solar rebate brisbane

How can we help you get YOUR Brisbane solar rebates?

We do the hard work for your solar rebates...

We can help you claim your solar rebates through us. It’s extremely straightforward and simple, leaving all the hard work for us. 

Our team of local Brisbane CEC accredited installers will deduct the price of the STC’s (federal solar incentives) off the cost of your system and quote.

Essentially this means you can take full advantage of a discounted upfront price for your solar panel system. 

By doing it this way, we hope we are achieving our goal of providing a ‘stress free’ move to solar for homeowners.

We have certainly found its the most efficient and easiest way for you to claim the solar rebate of 2020 in Queensland.

Solar Rebates For Brisbane in The Form Of Small-Scale Technology Certificates

small scale technology certificate for solar rebates brisbane

What are the solar rebates in Queensland?

As of June 2020 the Government has recently closed the interest-free loan available to homeowners and small businesses.

This means that the solar rebates that are available in Brisbane right now are Small-Scale Technology Certificates provided by the federal government. 

Small-scale Technology Certificates are certificates that are given to you when you have installed a solar system under 100KW at your home.

STC’s are calculated by the amount of energy your system produces, the size of your system, the location and date they were installed. The more certificates that you have then the bigger your solar rebate will be. 

On average the price for Small Scale Technology Certificates are around $40 per piece. You may also receive around 90-100 certificates (rough estimates) for a 6.6KW solar panel system in Brisbane. 

These will all depend on your system size, amount of energy it produces and when it was installed. 

On average we help homeowners claim around $3700 in solar rebates in Brisbane. We are confident that we can help you get $3700 in solar rebates as well. 

Are You Eligible?

In Brisbane it’s really easy for homeowners to be eligible for the solar rebate. 

Here are the main things you need to match;
  • Own a solar system under 100KW
  • The system has been installed by CEC accredited installers 
  • Have not already received any STC’s for the system 
  • Be installed no more than 12 month before the certificates are created 
  • Comply with Australian regulations & standards 
You can also claim the Brisbane solar rebate if you are;
  • Upgrading your solar system or adding more panels 
  • Adding a separate system to your home 
  • Having your original system replaced
solar panel rebate 2020

How we provide the best service for solar rebates in Brisbane!

How We Work 😀

Our team will help you claim rebates by deducting the price from your quote, reducing the initial upfront cost of your solar system.

The reason why this way is so popular and effective is because it takes the hassle of having to deal with the STC’s yourself, as the homeowner.

It can be quite complexing for someone who has never dealt with STC’s before to attempt to sell them on. Sometimes its best to leave it with the solar rebate experts. 

Our Commitment To You 😀

Although, as part of our commitment to our customers we are more than happy to help provide you with your STC’s and even help you sell them on if needs be.

We just really love solar rebates in Brisbane! Lightning Solar are Brisbane’s solar rebate fanatics! 

It’s also a long term goal of ours to be able to provide the highest quality customer service, and solar panel installation in Brisbane. 

We take utmost pride in the customer service we provide and this is shown by our impeccable 5* ratings on Google, SolarQuotes and Facebook! Feel free to check them out.

What Our Customers Are Saying

We’ve helped over 2,500 Australian's take advantages of solar rebates

Our Solar Rebate Brisbane Goal...

In the time that we have been installing solar panels, we have seriously helped over 2,500 Australians take full advantage of the federal government rebates. It’s safe to say we have become the Brisbane solar rebate experts! 

We have even set ourselves a goal for Brisbanes solar rebates…

By the end of 2021 we are hoping to have helped over 1000 Brisbane homeowners claim their own solar rebates either through us or themselves. 

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