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jinko cheetah solar panel series

Canadian's Best Value Panel

The HiKi series is a high efficiency model, available in power ranges from 330-450W.

This module benefits from better shading tolerance and larger cells enabling the panels to absorb more sunlight.

These are a great starting solar panel with high efficiency. 



jinko cheetah solar panel series

Most Popular Solar Panel

Canadian Solar’s All-Black modules are definitely the most aesthetically pleasing of the ranges. While only offering 310-335W, they boast the same high spec features as the previous modules.

These minimalistic, cutting edge panels are a guaranteed asset to your roof! Again, they will generate you a huge amount of energy for an extremely affordable price.



Best Performing Solar Panel

These panels come in a power range from 320-420W. They offer the same benefits as the HiKu with shade tolerance and maximum light absorption area.

These panels are finished in black, so are a little more aesthetically pleasing than the HiKu. Recently this solar panel broke the world record as the most efficient solar panel. The test came in at 23% solar panel efficiency.

Are Canadian Solar Panels a Waste Of Money?

Canadian Solar Panels Are Well Established

The Ontario based company was founded in 2001. Canadian Solar can be considered one of the top players in the solar game, producing high efficiency panels within an affordable budget. 

They deliver high quality solar panels worldwide giving themselves a very reputable name within the industry. Not only do they produce high quality solar panels, they also manufacture and sell solar parks globally. 

With 20 years worth of research and experience under their belts, they are considered a highly regarded company within the solar industry. We can confidently say that Canadian solar panels offer high quality, durable panels that will be an asset to your home.

canadian solar panel locations

They produce high quality solar panels

canadian solar panels are winner of pvel award 2020

When buying solar panels from Canadian Solar, you are sure to receive a premium quality product. The panels they produce are up there with some of the highest quality panels you can buy for the price that they offer. They are giving SunPower and LG a good battle. 

Their range of panels boast new technologies that promise to deliver high performance and maximum energy generation. We all know what this means, the more energy you generate, the more money you are saving! 

Canadian Solar is a very solid, reliable company. They provide high end modules that are incredibly affordable. Premium products at a budget cost? This is exactly what is setting them apart from other solar panel brands.

They provide long lasting warranties

Like most solar companies, Canadian Solar provides a great warranty package. They cover the panels for faults or defects for 10-12 years (depending on model) and the performance of your panels for 25 years!

When buying Solar Panels from Canadian Solar, you can be confident that you are not only receiving the best value panels for an unbeatable price, but you are also receiving panels that are built to last a long time. 

These panels have been designed for maximum performance over a 10-15 year period. The company has ensured these panels will last you many years with the promise that the panels will still be working at a 80% output even after the 25 years are up. Who can argue with that?

canadian solar panels warranty

Where are Jinko Solar Panels made?

Canadian Solar panels is an Ontario, Canada based company. Although they do have 2 production facilities in Ontario, their solar panels are primarily manufactured in China. They also have facilities around Europe, Asia and The America’s. One of the biggest manufacturing facilities is in Brazil. 

canadian solar panel locations

Why Install Canadian Solar Panels?

High quality panels on a low budget

It’s not very often that you can get your hands on quality products on a budget, Canadian Solar panels offer you just that. These panels are some of the best value for money on the market.

The panels that this company produces are of Tier 1 quality, sold at Tier 2/3 price! The modules they offer are certainly not to be considered as a ‘budget’ option, even if they do hold a budget price tag.

This is a highly recommended and trusted company. So when buying a Solar System through Canadian Solar, you can have peace of mind that you are receiving premium products at an unbeatable price.

They are reliable and stress free for 25 years

Canadian Solar is a well established company in solar due to their consistency in producing high performing, durable solar panels. They have been in the industry for a couple of decades now and have built a very reputable name for themselves.

The panels are designed and built to be long lasting products that will be an investment into your home! With the addition of a 25 year performance warranty, you can rest easy knowing your panels are in safe hands. 

The high quality energy that these panels deliver will significantly reduce the cost of your current energy bills, while adding instant value to your home at the same time! If you ask us, Canadian Solar is a fantastic choice when switching to solar.