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What Types Of Jinko Solar Panels Do We Offer?



jinko cheetah solar panel series

Jinko's Best Value Solar Panel!

Jinko’s ‘Cheetah’ model is the most popular of their solar panel range. The range boasts features of low-light performance, making these panels highly efficient even on cloudy days.

These solar panels also claim to provide severe weather resilience, so you can rest easy knowing that your panels are safe all year around.

The ‘Cheetah’ range panels come in a black finish, so you can say goodbye to ugly solar panels and hello to a sleek, aesthetically pleasing asset to your roof.

Jinko have created one of the most popular solar panels around Australia and Asia with their Cheetah range.



Jinkos Best Quality Solar!

Jinko’s ‘Tiger’ range of solar panels is relatively new to the market. These panels generate a significant amount of power, ranging from 360W to an impressive 470W.

These excellent solar panels feature the latest advancements in PV cell technology, offering high performance and durability to homeowners. 

The features include an increased number of cells per panel, plus the overlapping of solar cells. This results in higher efficiency and maximum power generation.

With technology like this, Jinko solar panels are guaranteed to slash your energy bills.

Are Jinko Solar Panels Any Good?

Jinko Solar is one of the world’s largest solar producers...

Jinko Solar manufactures solar panels all around the world. The company itself was founded in 2006. Within just 10 years of business, Jinko solar had climbed their way to become one of the world’s largest solar panel manufacturers. 

Now in 2020, they are still holding onto that top spot. The Chinese company is a well known name in the Solar Industry, and will continue to be as they keep providing us with high quality solar panels. Due to Jinko being around for so long, it gives confidence that they provide good products. If not they would go out of business. 

Their popularity also shows that people like their products. Therefore, Jinko is dominating the solar market right now. People are buying their solar panels because they are good and accessible. 

Having so many different locations around the world sets jinko ahead of other solar companies. It means it has great customer service because offices are available in most countries, including Australia. This is great because if there are any issue they can be dealt with quickly by Jinko’s support team. 

jinko solar panel locations - where are jinko solar panels made

Jinko solar panels are one of the more affordable panels in Australia

how efficient are jinko solar panels

If you are looking to buy your solar panels with Jinko, you can be confident that you’re getting good value for money. The range of panels they offer are up there with some of the most efficient solar panels. Along with the likes of LG, QCell and SunPower. Jinko can give these a good run for their money in performance. 

What really sets them apart though, is their pricing. Jinko solar panels are so much more affordable when compared to the other high end solar panels like LG, SunPower and others. 

Their break-through research and new solar cell technology is set to purpose in their range of top spec panels. Jinko Solar panels are regarded as Tier 1 panels, which is a standard they must meet to ensure top performance. 

The products that they offer will deliver high performance and maximum energy generation, providing you with incredible value for money.

They offer a great product and performance warranty

Jinko provides long lasting warranties for their solar panels.. The company offers a reasonable 12 year product warranty (25 yrs for the Cheetah model) as well as a fantastic 25 year performance warranty on their solar panels as well. 

This is really important because it shows the confidence Jinko have in their solar panels. They offer these warranties to show that their product will last for a long time. It shows that it is a great investment for homeowners. Also, long last warranties mean that there is little or no maintenance required. 

The company has made important design changes to ensure the long life and durability of their panels. They have used advanced cell technologies to reduce the risk of failures and have created all solar modules sold in Australia to be salt mist corrosion resistant.

jinko solar panel warranty

Where are Jinko Solar Panels made?

Jinko is a Chinese company who primarily manufacturers their solar panels in China and Malaysia. This does not affect the performance of the solar panels in any way. They are made to meet requirements provided by Australian law and World Organisations. You can see our full Jinko solar panel review here

where are jinko solar panels made?

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