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25 Year Performance Warranty

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Jinko Cheetah Series

jinko cheetah solar panel

The Cheetah series are by far the most popular solar panel from Jinko. They are the perfect all-rounder for homeowners. 

Jinko Tiger Series

jinko swan solar panel

Jinko’s Tiger series come in a range of large sizes meaning you can get more power from the space on your roof. Jinko are focusing on quality solar here. 

Jinko N Type Series

Jinko’s N Type series come with a fantastic 20-year warranty and extremely high efficiency. They’re made from N-Type cells which is same technology and LG. 

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Are Jinko Solar Panels Any Good?

Industry Leading Warranty

jinko solar panels are industry leading with long warranty

Jinko are one of the few solar companies that are able to offer a 25 year product and performance warranty within the industry. This is the same as LG & SunPower but for much less money. 

Fast Return On Investment

jinko panels provide a fast return on investment

Jinko are changing the industry for the better. They provide affordable solar panel solutions that are one of the highest quality and performers… This means you can pay off your system quicker than other solar panels. 

World Leading Panels

jinko have created industry leading solar panels.

There have seen several times when Jinko solar panels have broken the world record for efficiency, performance and more. They have been world leaders 15 times. This shows how great they are. 

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Jinko 4kW SolarEdge System

11 x Jinko 370w Cheetah Solar Panels
1 x SolarEdge Inverter

jinko cheetah solar panel system
jinko cheetah solaredge system

Jinko 6.6kW Solar System

18 x 370w Jinko Cheetah Solar Panels
1 x SunGrow Inverter

sungrow inveter with jinko solar panels
18 x jinko cheetah solar panels

Jinko 6.6kW Solar Panel System

18 x 370w Jinko Cheetah Solar Panels
1 x Goodwe Inverter

jinko solar panels
goodwe inveter with jinko solar panels

Everything You Need To Know About Jinko Solar Panels.

If you are still researching, and unsure about Jinko solar panels then feel free to read our full review here. 

We cover pretty much everything you need to know about Jinko solar panels from where they’re made to if they’re any good. 

However, just know that Jinko panels are a really good choice of solar panels for your home. They are recommended by expert installers and have become the leading solar panel brand in the world. 

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