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LG Solar Panels Vs Sunpower

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LG Vs SunPower: A True Battle With Only 1 Winner

I can tell you right now, that this is one of the most common questions that every solar installer in the world will get asked. 

I would also say this question has been asked for decades, everyone wants to know the answer. 

Which should I go for, LG or Sunpower?
Which is better value for money?
Which of these panels are the best? Is one better than the other? 
LG vs Sunpower… Which would I choose (as an experienced solar installer)?

Well, where do I start. There is so much to cover to get the answer that we are looking for. I’m going to take a good look at both of these solar panels so that you can decide which one is the winner for you. 

Ok, so let’s dig in deep and look at both of these solar panels for a logical buyers perspective to find out which one is best. 

If you are still in research mode and unsure on what solar systems you need, please feel free to read my guide on how to buy the best solar panels for your home

For those of you who are ready and decided, feel free to get a quote from me for either Sunpower solar panels or LG solar panels by clicking on the links. I’ve also done a FULL Sunpower solar panels review here if you want to know more about them (and why they might be your favourite)…

lg solar panels vs sunpower solar panels

LG Solar Panels Vs SunPower

I’m going to break this down into a few areas which I feel count the most. They are the main areas to consider when choosing between LG or SunPower solar panels for your home. 

I’ll also explain why they are important, and which areas you should really consider. For example, I usually tell homeowners not to worry too much about the solar panel efficiency. It’s always changing and evolving. 

SunPower and LG are two of the oldest, and most popular solar panel brands in the world. So how do they compare against each other?

People choose LG and SunPower because they are high quality, so which one is better?

It’s really hard to say. Both of these solar panels are super high in quality. This is the reason why they are both so popular. People buy LG and Sunpower based on their performance and quality. 

However, when I take a deep dive into their performance it does show that SunPower might have the lead here. To work this out I took a look into the degradation of both LG and Sunpower solar panels. 

SunPower guarantees that after 25 years, their solar panels will still perform at 92% of initial output. Whereas LG solar guarantees 90.8% after 25 years, which is just less. 

Although it may not seem a lot, when you add up each solar panel it does make quite a difference. This means that you will be getting more energy from a SunPower system after 25 years, over and LG solar system. 

So in saying this, I would say that Sunpower does perform better than LG in terms of quality and long term performance. If this is something that’s important to you, then Sunpower is your right system.

Sunpower's Performance Towers Over LG!!

sunpower is better than lg on performance

They both offer extremely good warranties, but LG just takes the lead...

Now both of these solar panels are providing extremely good panel warranties. Both LG and Sunpower have 25 year performance warranties guaranteeing a certain % of performance even after this period of time. 

Also, they are both offering 25 year product warranties for their solar panels. This is way ahead of every other solar panel manufacturer in the industry. 10 years ahead to be precise. The product warranty covers any faults or damage to the solar panels for 25 years. 

However, something that isn’t as obvious to others is how secure these companies are to back up their warranties. For example, if you purchased your solar panels today are these companies still going to be around in 25 years? 

This is where LG has come out on-top. Not only does LG provide solar panels but it’s also a multi-million dollar electronics provider. This is different to SunPower because they only manufacture solar panels. 

Although it’s highly unlikely, if something did happen to the industry then Sunpower would go bankrupt. Whereas LG solar would still be able to keep run using its different areas of business. 

For this reason, I think that LG has the better warranties of the two. Yes, Sunpower may provide a slightly longer performance warranty… but can they back that up in 25 years?

LG Hits Back With It's Backed-Up Warranty!!

lg has a better warranty than sunpower

SunPower solar panels manage to beat LG with its solar panel efficiency

Everyone knows that Sunpower solar panels are one of the most efficient in the industry. Shortly following are LG solar panels offering a similar conversion efficiency. 

For the Sunpower maxeon 3, they offer an incredible 22.6% efficiency. 
For LG NeON 2 you’re looking at 21.1% or NeON R 22%.

So yes, Sunpower solar panels are more efficient than LG panels. Essentially on paper, this means that Sunpower panels will convert more sunlight into energy. This would mean that you would get energy for cheaper, and pay off your system faster. 

How much does this really matter?

But… Does it really matter?

Considering the price difference then no… not really. 

Because Sunpower actually costs more than LG, it means the pay off time would be pretty much the same. It actually cancels itself out. 

Additionally, solar panel efficiency might not actually matter as much as you think. At the end of the day your system will be the same size. 

E.g. A 6.6Kw system is always going to produce 6.6kw of energy. Using solar panels with high conversion efficiency will help you generate more energy, but will cost more.

So at the end of the day, this should really be something that you prioritise when choosing between Sunpower or LG solar panels.

Especially when price matters, and you can get high quality, value solar panels from Jinko, Seraphim, Canadian or Longi

The Fight Continues...!!

sunpower is more efficient than lg solar panels

Here’s why LG has the better reputation and bankability…

Like I mentioned above, reputation and bankability should be something that you consider with these two solar panels.

You wouldn’t just buy a solar panel that didn’t have a good reputation or name for itself. Nor would you trust your warranty with a company lacking finance or close to bankruptcy. 

Warranties and performance are really what sets these solar panels apart from the crowd. It would seem that LG does have the better reputation and the better bankability when compared to Sunpower. 

This is down to it being such a big company with leading market share in the electronics industry as well. LG is more financially stable by the looks of things. They have also been around for much longer than Sunpower. 

In saying this, Sunpower is very financially secure so please don’t worry. It’s just a well known fact that LG has a bigger reputation.

This is most likely down to them being around for a lot longer, and manufacturing electronic appliances as well. They have a good reputation in general.

LG Dominates With Its Reputation & Bankability!!

lg has the better bankability over sunpower

SunPower Are Now Providing Affordable Solar Panels... But LG Have Not Budged On Price

This is where it gets really interesting. SunPower have adapted to the market by making their performance solar panels much more affordable for homeowners. It comes as pressure continues to be placed by other affordable solar panels such as Jinko and Longi

However, LG have not. They are still more expensive that Sunpower and have not adapted to the pressured from the market change. This means that you can get SunPower solar panels for a much more affordable price than LG. 

To me this is a bit of a gamechanger. I mean both panels offer great warranties, fantastic performance and high efficiency. 
I guess it only comes down to one thing now…

Price. And SunPower wins here. By a long way as well. 

Like I always say, with a lower price comes a faster return on investment. Therefore, with SunPower you will be getting the faster return on your solar system when compared to LG. If you are looking to slash your costs fast, and take advantage of a speedy return on your investment then SunPower is your panel. 

Its great to see that Sunpower have made this change in price to cater for those who cannot afford the higher end products. It shaping the solar industry to become more affordable for everyone, after all the sun is free. 


SunPower Solar Panels Are More AFFORDABLE Than LG Panels!!

lg is cheaper than sunpower

How do they compare to cheaper solar panels like Jinko or Longi?

Of course it’s always good to compare these solar panels with budget ones like Jinko, Longi, Seraphim or Canadian solar panels. So here is a quick list of all the obvious wins and losses that LG and Sunpower have. 

The obvious wins

  • Higher efficiency 
  • Longer warranties 
  • More durable product 
  • Better reputation 
  • Strong bankability 
  • Cheaper energy

The obvious losses

  • Expensive (LG)
  • All size systems will produce the same amount of energy 
  • Longer return on investment

Let’s look at Australia 2 highest quality solar panels in detail;


Key selling points;

  • 25 year product warranty
  • 25 year performance warranty 
  • Temperature coefficient 
  • 20.7% Efficiency (21.1% new model)
  • 12 busbar 
  • Low LID
  • Corrosion Resistance Certification
  • Multi Anti-reflective Coatings
  • Enhanced low light performance
  • High Wind Load Resistance
  • Positive Tolerance (0/+3%)
  • “CELLO” Technology
  • High Temperature Performance
lg neon 2 solar panel

Sunpower Maxeon 3

Key selling points;

  • 25 year performance warranty
  • 25 year product warranty
  • Temperature coefficient 
  • Conversion efficiency of 22.6%
  • Maxeon solar cells 
  • Low operating temperature 
  • Pure N-Type silicon cells 
  • 400W in size 
  • Shingled cells 
  • Low corrosion 
  • Solid metal foundation 
  • Anti reflective tempered glass
SunPower Performance 3 420w solar panel

So, LG vs SunPower… Which is the winner?

Honestly, both of these solar panels are solid solar panels. They are two leading solar panel manufacturers in the world. Either one of these are going to be a really good investment for homeowners. 

If roof space isn’t an issue, and you have a large budget then why not splash out of Sunpowers aesthetic Maxeon 3. You will certainly have the best solar panels on your street. 

If you are looking for a fantastic panel that performs well BUT is also affordable, then SunPower Performance will be your best bet. We are still waiting for LG to bring out an affordable panel. 

However, if you’re looking for high end solar panels that has a huge reputation and a great bankability then LG would be the best option for you. Really, you cannot make a bad choice by going with either one of these solar panels. 

After all, there are a few factors that can help you decide… so the question is
Which do you think is the winner? SunPower or LG…. You decide?

Let me know what you would go for in the comments below 🙂

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Written By:

Luke Cove
Managing Director
Lightning Solar & Electrical

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8 thoughts on “LG Solar Panels Vs Sunpower”

    1. Hey Rita,

      Honestly, both of these solar panels are GREAT panels. However, one panel might suit your requirements, budget and roof better. There is no cookie cutter solar, every home is different and everyone has different goals/reasons for installing solar energy. The point is, each panel is going to work differently for you which is why it’s best to get a solar engineer to design your system based around your budget and requirements. Then you will be able to decide which one is best!

      I hope this helps.

  1. Very good information Luke, I would go for the LG for the simple fact they are financially stronger, but because of the cost of the SunPower panels are cheaper and their financing is very attractive and SunPower is also financially stable I will go for the SunPower, the quality of both are very good

    Thank you

  2. Hi Luke, very helpfull information! Many thanks for that. Sunpower wins for me simply due to the fact that the perfomance line is cheaper and the sizes of the panels are smaller (indeed every roof is different and the sunpower’s fit better in my case)

    This settled brings me the next question…
    Solaredge converter or micro-converters (enphase iq7+ or APSystem)
    What are your thoughts on that?

    KR, Arjan

    1. Hey Arjan,

      It’s a tough call. Both products are really good and without going into all the techy information they both offer a very similar product. Micro-inverters convert DC energy into AC energy right at the panel meaning you will never have any DC running across your roof or home. Panel optimisers instead contain the DC voltage so it doesn’t exceed a dangerous level.

      One big point to make is that the Maxeon 5 solar panels by Sunpower actually come built into these modules and offer a 25 year product warranty. If you are interested in SunPower, maybe this could be the panel for you depending on your budget. Panel optimisers also come with a 25 year warranty but its worth getting a panel that matches this as well like Sunpower or Jinko or Canadian.

      Essentially, both of these products are going to make your system more efficient. They will also allow each panel to perform independently and give you a super flexible design which you can keep adding too in the future if your energy usage increases. To really get the most from your system I’d suggest speaking to one of our solar design engineers who can tailor a system around your goals and budget. Also your roof too!


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