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longi hi-mo3 solar panel series

Longi's Best Value Panel

This series is the lower power output range of the 3 – ranging from 310-325W for residential.

These panels would be ideal for those looking to generate renewable energy for a smaller home. This module also uses half cut cell technology to maximise power generation. 

Longi have created some excellent budget solar panels here, for smaller households looking to save on their energy bills. 



longi hi-mo4 solar panel series

Most Popular Solar Panel

These high power modules come in a range of bifacial and monofacial modules for residential or commercial solar.

They start at 360W and range up to a huge 450W. These panels use half cut cell technology enabling them to generate maximum power for your home. 

These are definitely the most popular solar panel series that we sell in Australia. They are the perfect ‘all-rounder’ for your home. 



longi hi mo x solar panel series

Best Performing Solar Panel

This is Longi’s newest, most advanced range of panels.

This range comes with 2 different modules varying in power from 345-405W. These modules have been designed for those with space limitations on their roof to ensure you receive maximum power.

This sleek module is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing of the range, with black panels and an option for black frames also available.

Why Are Longi Solar Panels One Of The Best Right Now...

They are leading Solar providers

Longi is a leading name within the solar industry. They are a long standing, reputable company who deliver highly durable mono-crystalline solar panels. These panels are hugely popular on the market and hold extremely high efficiency ratings. 

They have been in the solar game for 20 years. In 2016, Longi was the world’s fastest growing manufacturer. Since then, their company has continued to grow rapidly and still today are world leading manufacturers of mono-crystalline panels. 

Longi’s reputable name suggests that this is a reliable, high quality company. We believe that Longi offers the best panels available on the market for an affordable price. Meaning you can get the most energy from your panels and slash your bills even further.

Their range of Solar Panels are simple and diverse

longi solar uses advanced technology

Longi solar makes it very easy to choose the right panels to suit your needs. They offer only a few choices but with great variation, making it much more simple for those with little knowledge of solar. 

The company offers a fantastic range for residential and commercial properties. For homeowners, the modules range from 310-450W. With only 3 options available, it’s never been easier to choose the right solar system for you. 

Longi provides high standard panels at very affordable prices making them incredible value for money. The modules are extremely variable to meet your personal needs and are proven to provide your home with maximum power using eco-friendly energy.

They manufacture high quality Mono-crystalline Panels

Longi boasts to only produce Mono-crystalline solar panels. This is great news as they are proven to be a lot more efficient than the usual alternative, poly-crystalline. 

Like with most things, mono-crystalline panels are of higher standard meaning they usually have a higher price tag. The good news is that Longi’s range is super affordable making it easier than ever to bag yourself a quality solar system for your home. 

Longi is considered a Tier 1 solar provider, producing fantastic quality panels at unbelievably cheap prices. This means your home gets the best quality energy provided and the panels continue to save you money on your energy bills.

longi uses monocrystalline solar cell technology

Where are Longi solar panels made?

Longi is a chinese company whose headquarters are based in Shaanxi. They manufacture the panels themselves in production facilities across China, Malaysia and Vietnam. They also have offices in Australia, Germany, Spain, Japan and USA. 

where are longi solar panels made?

Why Choose Longi Solar Panels For Your Home?

They are great value for money

If you’re on a budget but still want great quality, these panels are what you’re looking for. When buying Longi solar panels, you can be sure that you’re receiving the best value for money.

Longi solar panels have extremely high efficiency ratings, this tells that these panels are good quality and high performing. These panels use cutting edge technologies to make sure their products are some of the best on the market. 

Quality panels at an affordable price? It’s a no brainer! These panels are not only going to add instant value to your home, but are guaranteed to save you big bucks on your bills AND provide your home with green energy.

Durable panels with long lasting warranties

When buying solar panels from Longi, you can rest assured that you will receive premium products that are durable and reliable. With the additional security of a 25 year performance warranty, what more could you ask for. 

They are some of the best value for money panels on the market. As a long standing company in the solar industry, you can be sure that their panels are built to be long lasting products that will be an investment into your home.

If you’re on the market for cost-effective solar panels with 25 years performance cover then we believe that Longi panels are perfect for you. Their panels will be an asset to your home and provide you with years of clean, renewable power – so you can say goodbye to high energy bills forever.