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we are one of Victoria's fastest growing solar retailers

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CEC accredited installer
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CEC approved retailer

Lightning Solar & Electrical is a trusted Australian solar retailer based in Melbourne. We are industry leaders in solar installation, solar batteries and one of the TOP 5 solar companies for solar rebates in Victoria!

CEC approved retailer
CEC accredited installer


we've helped over 2,200 Victorian's with a 'stress free' move to solar...

We have 52 reviews on Google that are 5* average rating.

Most Popular Solar Panel Packages In Melbourne!



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Most Popular In Melbourne!

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we specialise in...

Solar Battery Storage Solutions

We are proud Tesla Powerwall accredited installers. We can offer all types of solar battery storage solutions personalised to you.

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar in Melbourne can help you reduce the costs of your business and grow quicker. Invest in solar today.

Solar Panel

It's safe to say we are the experts in solar panel installation, we can offer commercial solar, to residential solar & much more.

Victorian Solar
Panel Rebates

We have had over 400 solar homes rebates approved in the past 12 month. This puts us in the top 5 solar rebate companies in Victoria!

These are just a few of the many solar solutions we can offer...

Dont forget about our commercial solar projects, or our specialist SolarEdge and Enphase systems or the Tesla Powerwall 2!

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commercial solar

solarEdge Panels

Why You're In The Best Hands In Melbourne

we have long lasting solar warranties...

One of the main focus points of a solar system is how the warranty is for. Its easy to know that the long the warranty the better the product. 

This is exactly why we only provide solar systems and solar panels that have warranties of 10 years or more. We have some high end solar systems like Enphase or SolarEdge that have up to 25 years warranty! 

We make sure that the service we offer is going to provide the customers with the best and highest quality solar experience. 

Over the 15+ years that we have been in business we have made it our priority to train our installers up to date with the Australian solar regulations. 

This means we have fully accredited solar installers and complete up to date licenses and insurance. We are CEC approved retailers and CEC approved installers

We are also one of the very few Tesla approved installers in Victoria. View our official badges here

We use in-house teams who are trained by our installation manager to maintain a high standard of quality and compliance as per CEC solar installation guidelines. 

Our previous track record can give you a great insight into how we can help you get started with solar. We are professional and providing high quality solar installs. 

Check out our reviews on Google or on our homepage to see what our customers really think about our solar solutions. We have helped over 2,000 Victorians slash their energy bills with high quality services in solar. 

Unbeatable Prices And Endless Value...

Lightning solar is able to offer top of the range services for an exceptional price. Due to us being one of the biggest solar retailers in Victoria, we have strong relationships with our suppliers which enables us to provide the best price for our customers. 

Frequently we have exceptional solar packages built for our customers. We can show you an above and beyond service for the most competitive price on the market.

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    • Professional advice regarding what type of solar system will best match your requirements

    • Unlimited free information available from our solar expert CEC accredited installers and designers

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We have 70 reviews on SolarQuotes that are 4.8* average rating.

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We are proud of our excellent reviews on SolarQuotes. Feel free to check them out and see for yourself. We have been partners with SolarQuotes for a long time, as shown by our silver badge! Lightning Solar also offers personalied solar quotes for all Victorians. Our aim is to provide you will a ‘stress free’ move to solar. The quotes for solar that we offer are extremely competitive, and always for a high quality solar system. 

    1. Solar Homes Rebate Programme
      The Solar Homes rebate programme makes it pretty hard to resist installing solar in Melbourne. If you do install solar then the government will give you a huge deduction of the cost of your solar system. This makes it worth getting solar in Melbourne.

    2. Slash Electricity Bills
      On average a 5KW system could reduce up to $100 off your monthly power bill in Melbourne. Of course the more power you generate and use the more saving you will get. I know that saving money on power bills definitely makes solar worth it in Melbourne.

    3. Interest Free Loan
      Another incentive given by the government is the interest free loan. This makes getting solar in Melbourne so much easier, and so much more worth it! The interest free loan allows Victorians to pay even less money in up front costs!

    4. Melbournes Sun
      Of course, the we haven’t mentioned the sun yet! Melbourne is able to see the sun on an average of 185 days per year. That’s more than 50% of the entire year. You can take full advantage of your solar system. It’s actually the sun that makes getting solar in Melbourne worth while.

    5. Increase Property Value
      When you install solar to your property, not only are you decreasing your power bills but you are also increasing the value of your property. To put it more simply, a house with solar that can power itself, it more valuable that a house that relies on the grid. Yet another great reason why solar in Melbourne is worth it.
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