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Commercial Solar Melbourne

Installing commercial solar panels for your business has endless benefits. In every sense commercial solar Melbourne is a great investment. All businesses with solar panels see a huge deduction in electricity costs. At the same time you can benefit from paving a path toward a more sustainable future. In this day and age business clients would appreciate a shift towards a more environmentally friendly energy source.

Here at Lightning Solar and Electrical we offer full installation packages for commercial solar panels in Melbourne. Our aim is to help businesses understand the benefits of installing commercial solar panels. We want to then help businesses by designing and consulting the correct commercial solar panel system. This is determined by the business and individual requirements, the size of the roof and the amount of energy the business uses. 

What Can Commercial Solar Melbourne Give Me?

1. Slash Your Business Energy Bills

Commercial solar installation can offer you a range of great benefits, and our solar experts have summarised what we think are the most important 5. One of the biggest benefits of installing commercial solar in Victoria is the reduction of your electricity bills. Any businesses with large electricity bills should be looking into solar panels at their business property. With any money that is saved on power bills, it can be reinvested back into the business in high-profit areas. There is a significant reduction in the cost of electricity bills when Victorian businesses install commercial solar. It makes a lot of sense to free up your cash flow, and begin to take back control of some of your business costs. 

2. Move Towards An Eco-Friendly Business Status

Victoria is one of the greatest states for leading the fight on the climate crisis. In our day there are a lot of clients and customers who are lead by business ethics and morals. When companies do invest in commercial solar installation, it promotes their hand in helping protect the environment. For small communities, this can have a huge impact. You would see more support from your customers and in turn an increase in sales and popularity. An eco-friendly status is also a great image to promote your business website or marketing. We believe this is one of the biggest factors for Victorian business owners to commit to commercial solar installation. 

3. Increase Your Commercial Property Value

This is another increasingly popular benefit from installing commercial solar panels in Victoria. When you install solar panels to your commercial property they will increase its value. If the time comes that you would need to sell or move to bigger premises then you have this advantage. Also, you will have an increase in asset value, meaning your property asset is worth more now. We believe almost every business owner would rather pay more for a commercial property that can generate its power. Being dependent on the grid can lead to price fluctuations, bad relationships and lack of control of your business costs. Increasing your property asset value is a great reason for business owners to install commercial solar in Victoria. 

4. Reduce Your Business Operating Costs

Once the cost of your commercial solar panel system has been paid off, your operation costs will reduce. Businesses will have a much larger cash flow because they will be spending much less on the operational side of your business. Being a Victorian business that has high operational costs then it is extremely beneficial to invest in commercial solar installation. If you can reduce your operational costs by more than 40%, it gives you a huge amount of money to now invest in the growth of your business. We know how crucial reducing business expenses can be, and this is why commercial solar panel installation is worth investing in. 

5. Invest Your Savings Back Into Your Business

As we show by our diagram below, commercial solar can create an effective investment funnel. By investing in solar panels you can significantly reduce your business costs each month. With these reduce costs you free up cash flow that is available to re-invest into your business. When you re-invest this money into your business you can spend it in the most profitable areas to promote growth. This investment will help your business grow very quickly. It could also allow your commercial solar panels to pay themselves off quicker than expected. Another great reason why Victorian business owners are investing in commercial solar installation. 

The Commercial Solar Installation Investment Funnel

1. Install Commercial Solar Panels
For Your Business

commercial solar panel victoria
commercial solar investment funnel

2. Your Energy Bills and Operational
Costs Will Significantly Reduce

commercial solar investment funnel

3. Invest Your Savings Back Into Your
Business For Growth

commercial solar victoria investing savings from solar panels

Does This Make Sense For Your Business...?

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Choosing the right commercial solar installer...

If you are looking for commercial solar installation then please get in touch with us for a FREE personalised quote today. We also offer free comprehensive design consultation with you. This runs through the site design, 3D panel models and more for your commercial solar system. We have over 50+ 5* reviews on Google and SolarQuotes. Our team can provide expert advice and help for your current requirements. We are commercial solar installation experts!

Our Commercial Solar Installation Process

1. Initial Consultation

To start the process of installing commercial solar panels we give the first initial consultation. Here we can talk through your goals and outcomes for installing solar. We can also go through any questions and give you our best advice. An outline of the system and plan can be arranged before moving onto the next step.

3. Site Inspection

This is a chance for our team to meet you and get to know each other. You can ask any difficult questions and we can give our best advice. We also need to check your roof health, your switchboard, our cable route and the inverter location to before moving forward with the commercial solar installation. 

2. System Design

The next step is system design. Using the latest technology we can view the aspects of your business roof and design the system accordingly. We will fully design the commercial solar system ready for installation. You can view this and once we are happy we can move on with the solar panel installation. 

4. Solar Panel Installation

Moving on to the commercial solar panel installation. You can sit back and leave the hard work to us. Our team will get started with the panel fitting, cable runs and electrics. We aim to leave no mess and as little noise as possible. This is why we provide our stress-free move to solar installation.

5. Grid Connection

Lastly, we need to get you connected to the grid. This way you can sell any excess power you generate from your solar panels. This is another way to help slash the costs of your commercial solar panels. Also in case of any emergencies, the grid can support you when you need. 

Why invest in commercial Solar Melbourne?

Reduce Energy Costs

By moving to a financial solar plan you can massively reduce the costs of your electricity bills every year.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Significantly reduce your carbon footprint and play your part to help reduce the effects of global warming.

Unlimited Sun Power

Take advantage of Melbournes greatest assest... Sunshine! It's free and can be turned into power for you.

Battery Ready Status

Put yourself into a position to be able to store the power you generate as well as sell your exess power.

Return On Investment

Solar panels in Melbourne have a high average return on investment reaching around 15 per cent.

Eco-Friendly Reputation

Your organisation’s brand will get a better reputation for being eco-friendly and helping the environment.

cOVID-19 Commercial Solar stimulus package

As we cope with the stress and uncertainty of COVID-19, there is a brighter future ahead. The Government has released some stimulus plans which you can find below. Most SME’s will be eligible for one or more of these proposed incentives. They are expected to be brought before parliament for approval on the 23rd March 2020. 


The instant assest write off has been extended to 31st December 2020. It only now applies to small to medium businesses with a turnover of less than $10 million. 

Commercial Solar Installation for small - medium businesses...

incentive from government

They are increasing the instant asset write-off to $150,000. The government is also changing the turnover threshold to use the write-off concession to $500 million.

benefits for solar business

Small and medium businesses have more incentives to own solar systems up to $150,000 and can have instant write-offs. This will not only help  reduce their electricity bills but also improve cash flow. 

dates of effect & eligibility

Any assets acquired from 12th March 2020 until 30th June 2020.

Annual turnover up to – $500 Million.
for example:

100kw system it costs $100,000 which is less than $150,000, and for business (revenue in this financial year < $500 millon) who wants to install solar but hesitant due to COVID 19, can now be more confident to say yes to install the 100kw system and have all this $100,000 to be written off.  

Commercial Solar for medium - large businesses...

incentive from government

Government accelerated depreciation deductions for new eligible depreciation assets (50% deduction in the first year).

benefits for solar business

Medium and large businesses have more incentives to own large solar systems and can have instant  50% deductions. 

dates of effect & eligibility

Assets acquired from 12th March 2020 until 30th June 2021.

Annual turnover up to – $500 Million.

for example:

For a 200kw system or more it costs around $150,000 and/or for business (revenue in this financial year > $500 million) who wants to install solar but hesitant due to virus impact, they can now be more confident to say yes to install this 200kw or more, and have 50% of this system value written of in 1 year. 

(*Update 20th July - We have reached the end of the release dates for the COVID 19 Stimulus package. Please see below for all commercial solar rebates in Victoria)

Victorian Commercial Solar Rebates

Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC's)

When you have installed commercial solar in Victoria you can claim government incentives. As of 2020, the government rebate is the STC program. Also, know as Small-Scale Technology Certificate, these are given to Victorian businesses once they have installed commercial solar. Essentially this STC acts as a certificate that you can sell to reduce the cost of your commercial solar system. Businesses could also agree to reduce the initial cost of their commercials solar system with their installer by giving them the right to the STC.

Feed-in tariffs are available when you have any excess power to sell back to the grid. They are different state from state and based on a fixed rate or a time-varying rate. Below are the current rates:

PeriodWeekdayWeekendRate: cents per kilowatt hour (c/kWh)
Off-peak10pm to 7am10pm to 7am9.1
Shoulder7am to 3pm, 9pm to 10pm7am to 10pm9.8
Peak3pm to 9pmn/a12.5
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