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solar panel installation

Start living a better life by installing solar panels. When you move to solar panel power you will slash your household bills and become apart of the solar panel community. This installation of solar panels will protect you against the rising cost of electricity and allow you to become more independent.

residential solar panel systems

16kw solar panel system home

Choosing the right solar panel system can sometimes be difficult. To make sure that you are getting the most from the solar system you are looking to install  we undergo a comprehensive analysis of your roof. We will then advise you of how many panels can fit on your roof and what size system is going to work best for you. Our solar installers in Melbourne are experts and have great knowledge in site design. They can help you get started with your first panel system or just an upgrade.

residential solar panels...

Lightning solar offer a range of high-end solar panels built with long lasting warranties. We offer branded solar panels such as SolarEdge and Enphase. These brands are trusted in the solar community.

residential solar battery systems

solar panel installation

By installing a solar battery to your solar panels  you will be able to save double the amount of money. Batteries for solar panels are able to store any power that isn’t being used during the day. This not only saves heaps of money, but also saves the energy to use for a later date. Solar battery storage solutions have become increasingly more popular in the past few years. So popular that 1 in 8 installs in Victoria include a battery.

residential solar Batteries...

Our residential solar batteries come from the most trusted brands. We are able to offer great prices for the installation of your solar battery. The new Tesla Powerwall 2 is available through us today.

Solar panel installation

Choosing the right solar panel installers...

Lightning Solar are Melbournes leading solar panel installers. We are fully CEC accredited and ensure our solar installs are of the highest standards. We can offer you a solution tailored to your individual needs. To determine the best solution and best solar panel installation, Lighting Solar undertakes a detailed analysis of your usage patterns and your existing solar system (if you have one).

Lightning Solar looks to be able to provide the highest quality solar panel install services in the Melbourne market. This makes us stand out from the crowd. One of our expert solar panel installers can come to you to get a detailed understanding of your situation and energy needs and make a recommendation for the most beneficial system for you. Get in touch with us today to get your solar panel installed!

solar rebates

Solar Panel Rebates For Victorian Homes

The Victorian government is offering solar rebates of up to $2,225 off the cost of your Solar (PV) System. This is great for your first starter solar panel package to keep your upfront cost low . Combined with their no interest loan scheme as an extra benefit you can really begin to see your return on investment from the get go.

Solar energy harvest from your solar panels will help you save thousands on your energy bills per year, as well as exchanging excess power for money under the ‘Feed In Tariffs’ incentive scheme.

There are two different types of feed in tariffs, one is a single rate FiT and the other is a time variable FiT. A single rate tariff applies a ‘one rate’ to all of your electricity produced where as the time variable will give you different rates and different times of the day.

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  • Be the owner of a home/property in Victoria. 
  • Your combined household income is below $180,000 dollars. 
  • Your house is valued at less than $3 million dollars. 
  • Do not already have an existing solar system OR replacing a previous system that was installed before November 2009.

solar panels melbourne

The use of solar panels is not new for Australians. What’s new, however, is how the cost of installing these residential solar panels has declined in the last 12 years. Solar panels are now considered a mass market product in Australia and solar panels are popular in Melbourne. This makes it the best time to make the switch, solar panels are worth it in Melbourne. You will get noticeably cheaper monthly power bills, and constantly start to save. Solar panels also have a high average return on investment of about 15 per cent, according to the local government.  Solar  panel installations in Melbourne homes will have paid for themselves in 4-6 years’ time. Any excess energy your system produces can be sold back to the grid. Your household will be promoting sustainability – an act and a lesson that will be appreciated your kids’ generation.

We Offer Topnotch Solar Panels In Melbourne...

  • The solar panels we use are highly efficient and durable. In fact, there’s hardly a need for maintenance after they’ve been installed. With a couple of cleaning sessions a year, these panels will keep on operating at peak condition.

  • The energy your system produces in excess can be sold back to the grid. But if you really want to maximise your savings, installing batteries that can store energy to be used later is the way to go. Plus, with these batteries, you’ll still have power during grid outages.

  • We take the utmost care during installation jobs. Only our trained, experienced, and licensed electricians do the work.
solar installation melbourne
solar panels melbourne

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