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what can i expect from my solarEdge inverter system?

more energy...

Gather More Power From Each SolarEdge Panel

SolarEdge will allow you to collect more energy from each panel by reducing the effect of power losses caused by mismatch panels. With their system the weaker panels do not affect the performance of strong panels, unlike a typical solar system. The reason why this happens is because the solar panels have their own SolarEdge inverters and microinverters. They have a system which is set up to reduce future risks that could cause less lifetime energy production. 

what are mismatched SolarEdge panels?

Mismatched panels can be anything from panel soiling or shading, uneven panel aging and panel output that can vary by ±3% from manufacturing, enough to result in ~2% energy loss.

solaredge inverters

SolarEdge Inverters & Panels: What makes them different?

solaredge inverter and solaredge panels

full visibility...

monitor your SolarEdge Panel system from any device

The SolarEdge monitoring platform delivers panel-level insights of the PV system, ensuring that it is performing to the best of its ability at all times.

solaredge panels

flexible design...

install more SolarEdge panels on your roof

Having a flexible designs allows us to fit more panels on your roof. Because each SolarEdge panel has their own SolarEdge inverter they can run completely independently. By using design flexibility we can efficiently use all of your roof space by:

solarEdge installers & lightning solar

Choosing the right solaredge installer...

How Can We Help?

We have access to the highest quality SolarEdge installer systems and we can help offer you a SolarEdge installation solution. We will always tailor a solution that is best suited to your individual or business needs. To determine the best solution for you one of our solaredge installers will need to undertake a detailed analysis of your roof and electricity consumption.

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Lightning Solar looks to be able to provide the highest quality SolarEdge installation on the market making us stand out from the crowd. One of our SolarEdge installer experts can come to you to get a detailed understanding of your situation and energy needs and make a recommendation for the most beneficial system for you. Our team are experts in SolarEdge installation.

what can a solarEdge system give me?

solaredege system

long lasting warranties...

SolarEdge Inverters & Panels built for performance

SolarEdge are extremely confident in the systems that they provide. Not only are they a large business with a big capital to invest in their services but they are also leaders in the solar market. They offer some great warranties to easy any concerns for first time solar buyers. 

Here are the SolarEdge warranties as follows:

Affordable extended inverter warranties of up to 25 years are also available, with low cost out-of-warranty inverter replacement. Refer to the SolarEdge website for more details on warranty extensions.

solaredge panels & inverters

superior safety...

keeping homeowners safe

Solaredge systems have unique features to help keep the homeowner safe. The built-in SafeDC feature is designed to reduce high system voltage back down to a safe level if the AC or inverter shuts down. This technology will keep you safe to sleep at night.

so what does this mean?

The system will offer maximum protection to your property. It is different from the traditional solar systems where PV wires are energised with high DC voltages. This poses a huge risk to people and their property. SolarEdge systems are also compliant with the most advanced safety standards such as UL1699B arc detection. These systems are designed to mitigate the effects of some arcing faults that may pose a fire risk.

benefits of a solarEdge Panel system


Solaredge is a large company, and have a lot of capital to invest in their systems

High Quality Manufacturing

We can rely on these systems as their production line is in Hungary in Europe


You can count on a great team of local expert engineers and SolarEdge installers for your system

Long Lasting Warranty

25 years warranty for your power optimiser, 12 years inverter warranty & free lifetime monitoring

so what does this mean for you?

more power means more money

With a SolarEdge system you will be able to fit more panels on your roof, as well and generate more power from your panels through their mitigating power system. With a higher revenue from your solar panels you can aim for a faster payback and higher saving on your electricity bill.  

real-time monitoring

Through real-time monitoring which can be done via any device, you can see your systems performance. This will help you protect your investment and stay on top of the performance of your solar system.

expert safety features

With all the extra safety features that are built into the SolarEdge system you can rely on maximum protection of your property. Our expert SolarEdge installers will help you get set up with the safety features.

products that will last

SolarEdge is offering reliable and field proven products. You can count on your system lasting an extremely long time and have peace of mind that you have a long last warranty to fall back on. You can trust that SolarEdge inverters and SolarEdge panels are built for performance and generate you the most amount of solar energy.

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