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What Models Of SunPower Solar Panels Do We Offer?

sunpower performance solar panels

SunPower Performance Solar Panels:

SunPower’s Performance panels can definitely be said to be of a premium range. Boasting a sleek, minimalistic design which serves to be very aesthetically pleasing. 

High performing solar panels, with a stylish cutting edge design! Who wouldn’t want these panels on their roof? These are easily one of the best panels on the market. 

sunpower maxeon solar panels

The SunPower Maxeon Solar Panels:

The Maxeon solar panels are some of the best on the market! Their unique design offers top quality, durability and reliability for homeowners. 

These panels generate maximum power for your home – delivering you with around 30% more power than other conventional panels using the same roof space!

Why are sunPower Solar panels so good?

They are a long standing, trusted company.

SunPower is one of the longest standing Solar Manufacturers in Australia. They have been trading for over 34 years, we think it’s safe to say these guys know what they’re doing! 

SunPower is a US company, founded in the 1970’s. They have years of experience and research within various fields, from developing race cars, airplanes and even space crafts for NASA.

This high end company now focus their research on developing new ideas and designs into residential Solar Panels.  By doing this its giiving you the opportunity to use their advanced technology in your home!

sunpower space solar panels

They offer premium products that are built to last!

You can be confident that when buying your solar panels from SunPower, you are guaranteed to receive a product of premium quality. These panels are of unmatched durability and reliability.

The panels produce maximum power by incorporating new technologies such as anti-reflective glass to absorb more light. They boast to generate around 30% more power than other conventional solar panels, using the same roof space. 

With around 2% higher efficiency range over leading competitors, they are the most efficient panels available on the market. SunPower panels promise to deliver you optimum results while slashing the price of your power bills!

sunpower solar panels

They offer an outstanding warranty package.

When buying Solar Panels from SunPower, you can be sure you are getting top value for money. The company provides a piece of mind, delivering customers with a whopping 25 year materials and performance warranty package. 

These panels have been designed and engineered to unique specifications. SunPower has ensured these panels are built to last by the use of premium materials making them more resilient against corrosion. They have also eliminated the risk of thermal expansion – the main cause of Solar Panel failure! 

With the use of new cutting edge technologies, SunPower is now providing us with top tier Solar Panels that are built to last. The company offers fantastic quality panels which they guarantee to last you at least 25 years, and if they don’t – they’ll fix it!

How can you argue with that?

sunpower solar panel warranty

Where are SunPower Solar Panels made?

While SunPower headquarters is based in the US, manufacturing of these panels takes place all over the world. Most of their panels are produced primarily in China. However, SunPower also has manufacturing capacities in Malaysia, the Philippines and Mexico.

locations of where sunpower solar panels are made

Why choose SunPower for your Solar Panels?

They are high quality - and worry free for 25 years!

Buying a Solar System through SunPower would be a fantastic investment into your home!

The panels that they produce are high end products, promising high end results that are long lasting. You can be confident in knowing you’re buying the best panels on the market!

This is a company who promises to provide their customers with optimum results. Their considerable 25 year performance and materials warranty speaks for itself.

They are clearly very confident in the durability of their products and the results that they produce. SunPower solar panels are amongst the best solar panels produced in the world.

With over 30 years of business experience, providing you with a high performing, reliable product. The price really does reflect the level of excellence that these panels provide, giving you real value for your money.

They are guaranteed to slash your energy bills!

SunPower has proven through results just how reliable and powerful their panels are. If you are looking to invest in a high quality solar system, look no further.

The power that these panels generate will save you thousands of dollars on energy bills, while adding instant value to your home at the same time!

Their new designs and technologies ensure these panels outperform other conventional solar panels.

They have been tried and tested against its competitors to ensure they are providing you with maximum power to your home. 

The best part? More power generated means more savings for you! Installing a SunPower solar system on to your roof will provide you with years of stress-free power, providing exceptional performance.

All whilst saving you money – it’s a no brainer!