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Types Of Trina Solar Panels We Provide



trina honey solar panel series

Best Value For Money!

Trina’s ‘Honey’ solar panel range is one of the most popular residential options. This range features 3 different specifications that vary to suit your requirements. For those looking for performance and aesthetics – they even offer the ‘Honey Black’ range.

This is an all black, super sleek module that is guaranteed to make your neighbours jealous. The Honey solar panel range is high quality and trusted within the industry.

They use half-cut cell technology to reduce risk of failures. Trinas state of the art designs on these solar panels offer fantastic performance, durability and reliability to homeowners.



trina tallmax solar panel series

Most Popular Buy!

Trina’s TallMax range of panels use the same half-cut cell technology as the ‘Honey’ range, providing the same reliability and durability but on a larger scale. These panels generate a significant amount of power, boasting a range of 340-400W modules.

If you are looking for a higher end panel, this is the more energy efficient solar panel. All of Trina’s residential panels are designed to perform at low temperatures, improving the energy generation per watt.

These high quality panels provide maximum efficiency and are guaranteed to slash the price of your energy bills significantly. They are lightweight and easy to fit on most roofs. 

Are Trina Solar Panels Any Good?

Trina Solar Has A Good Reputation

Trina solar is one of the longest standing Chinese Solar manufacturers, founded in 1997. Today, they are distributing solar panels globally to over 30 countries. They are now ranked as one of the top 5 solar providers in the world, which shows their popularity and success. 

Over the last 20 years Trina has dedicated a lot of time into researching and developing premium solar modules. The company has even broken 18 solar world records for cell and solar panel efficiency. Their goal is to provide high performance products at a reasonable cost.

We know that Trina is a company that you can trust when choosing the right solar panels for your home.

trina solar panels are award winning solar modules

Their panels provide optimum performance at a low cost

trina solar panels are high quality and high performing

When buying solar panels from Trina, you can be confident that you’re getting good value for money. These panels are of the highest quality panels you can buy for the price that they offer. 

Due to the latest technology they use in their solar panels, Trina gives homeowners the chance to really take advantage of the sun’s energy. You can be sure to generate a significant amount of power from each solar panel. 

This company has landed themselves a Tier 1 spot in the solar panel industry for some time now. The technology and designs that they offer promise to deliver high performance and optimum results without breaking your bank. This is really good because it means solar panels are becoming more affordable for homeowners.

They have increased their warranty package

Trina have recently increased their product warranty from 10 years to 12 – giving even more reassurance for buyers. Buyers also receive a 25 year performance warranty for the panels to guarantee your panels will still be working at a 80% output rating after 25 years.

Trina is a very well respected name within the solar industry, so you can expect nothing but the best care from the team for yourself and your panels. They have locations in Australia so its good to know you can contact someone within working hours. 

With the addition of a 12 year product and 25 year performance warranty, you can rest assured that your panels will be a stress free investment to your home. This warranty shows their confidence in their products. 

Where are Trina Solar Panels made?

Trina is a Chinese company, their main manufacturing hub based in Changzhou which is about an hour away from Shanghai. However, they also have over 30+ locations and offices around the world. You can see all of their locations below. 

trina solar panel locations

Why choose Trina solar panels for your home?

High quality products

Choosing the right company to buy and install your solar panels can be tough! When buying from Trina, you can rest assured that you will receive quality, long lasting products that will be an investment into your home! 

Trina solar panels are amongst the best solar panels produced in the world. With decades of experience within the solar industry, they promise to deliver a high spec, reliable product with the security of a 25 year performance warranty.

Trina’s break-through research in solar technology provides high end results from your panels that are long lasting.

Good value for money

If you’re looking to invest in quality solar panels for the best price, then these panels are right for you. Trina has proven through results, that their panels are highly efficient, durable and affordable. 

Installing a Trina solar system will provide you with years of stress-free power to your home. Their panels are carefully designed and engineered to generate maximum energy at any time of the day! This means that they are built to provide exceptional performance 24/7. 

So not only are Trina’s panels high performing and long lasting. They’re also super affordable, making it even easier to switch to solar today and save yourself thousands of dollars on energy bills!

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