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Trina Honey

trina honey solar panels

Trina’s honey solar panel is perfect for homes with small roofs. Back with a 12 year product warranty you can really expect to see the most from this solar panel. The Honey series can provide you with a fast return on investment and significantly reduced bills. 

Trina Vertex S

trina vertex s solar panels

This is Trina’s first 400w residential and commercial solar panel. It seriously packs a punch with a high conversion efficiency of 21% as well. They say its small in size but big on power. The Vertex S series are affordable and high quality. 

What Makes Trina Solar Panels Any Good?

Tier 1 Solar Modules

tier 1 solar panels

Trina solar panels are a tier 1 solar module. This means they have gone through vigorous testing to ensure they are up to industry standards. Tier 1 solar modules are the highest ranking solar panels you can buy in the industry. 

Long Lasting Warranty

These solar panels are backed up by a long 12 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty. You know that your investment is risk free because if anything happens you can claim on your warranty. Trina have one of the best warranties.

Internationally Recognised

trina is world recognised

Trina solar panels are actually one of the oldest solar panel manufacturer in the industry. They have been around since 1997 and are internationally recognised by large corporations around the world for their work and high standards of solar panels. 

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trina solar panels have been around since 1997

Trina Solar Panels Have Been Around Since 1997...

They are one of the first solar panel manufacturer. By still being around in 2021, they must be doing something right. We can tell you now that Trina are creating affordable, high quality solar solutions. 

They are also leading the commercial solar industry with their commercial solar modules. This is through affordable and high efficiency technology. 

Trina Solar Are World Record Breakers...

Back in 2014 Trina reached a huge milestone for producing and shipping 1GW in just one quarter of the year. This shows just how popular Trina’s panels have become, and since then they have kept growing. 

They also broke the world record for solar panel efficiency 7 times in 2014… You can see how they are leading the industry in both efficiency and quality. 

What Can Trina Solar Panels Give You?


Slash Your Energy Bills

Trina solar panels will significantly reduce your energy bills each month. You may be able to save $1000’s every year by installing these panels at your home. 


Fast Return On Investment

You will get a much faster ROI with Trina solar panels compared to Sunpower or LG. This is because they are more affordable and will produce the same amount of power. 


Tackle Climate Change

Trina solar panels can help you take a stance against climate change. You can fight back and do your bit by generating your own clean, renewable energy.

Expert Designed Trina Solar Systems.

Trina 13.3kW Solar System

36 x Trina Honey 370w Solar Panels

36 x trina solar panels

Trina 10kW Solar System

27 x Trina Solar Panels 

27 x 370w trina honey solar panels

Trina 20kW Solar Panel System

 60 x 330w Trina Solar Panels

22kw trina solar panels system

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