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Fronius VS SunGrow VS Growatt: Comparative Guide

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COMPARATIVE GUIDE: Fronius vs Sungrow vs Growatt Inverter?

Which Is Australia's Best Inverter?

What is the difference between Fronius, Sungrow and Growatt? 
Which of these is Australia’s best solar inverter? 
Which of these inverters is BEST for your solar system?

As the director of an Australian solar retailer, people ask me this question everyday and often there isn’t an easy answer. These are 3 of our top selling string inverters in Australia. 

I’m sure you are all eager to find out which one is the best inverter… but I want to help you understand which one will work hard for you and your budget.

which is australias best inverter?

Fronius vs Sungrow vs Growatt

How do you decide…? I am going to run your through exactly HOW to find out which inverter is best for YOU.  If you’re interested in knowing a little bit more, I’ve written a complete review on Sungrow inverters here


The first thing to consider is your budget.

For those who have a small budget then its best to look towards the Growatt inverter. It’s affordable, high quality and is backed up by a 10 year product warranty. You can certainly rely on this inverter to give you a great long lasting performance for a low cost. 

If you have a little bit of extra cash and want to invest a little bit more into your system then Sungrow is the product you are looking for. Considering the quality of Sungrow’s inverters they are extremely well priced. This is a very high value inverter when you compare performance to price. 

Of course, here comes the most expensive of the bunch… Fronius. High quality and high performance so with this one you are getting what you pay for. Is this a European brand premium or is it backed by quality?

So In Conclusion:

Low Budget = Growatt
Mid-Range Budget = Sungrow
High-End Budget = Fronius

Is The Only Way Fronius?....

If you ask around the solar industry or do a little googling, 90% of people will tell you Fronius is the BEST solar inverter for Australian solar systems.

This is probably true…

HOWEVER, It is also the most expensive inverter. In fact it is 3 times the price of a Growatt solar inverter. So is it 3 times better?


Fronius and Growatt both come with a 10 year warranty.

Both also have similar efficiencies, we will go into more details further down. At Lightning Solar & Electrical we have installed thousands of solar systems with these inverters between Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide solar installations.

We have only ever had 1 warranty claim with Growatt and they replaced it in 3 days and paid our labour cost to replace it. 

Not bad hey?

But wouldn’t you rather not rely on the product warranty and know the product your buying is from a brand that has been around long enough to prove their long term quality?

Well that’s where Fronius is superior.

Fronius have been around for decades making inverters out of Austria in Europe. They have been at the top of the solar industry for longer than anyone and that speaks for the quality of their product. 

But the solar salesman offered you a Sungrow inverter?

Wooaahh, why throw this in the mix?...

Sungrow Premium inverter is a great compromise. They are proven to give a high performance

Sungrow is the second biggest inverter manufacturer in the world, behind Huawei solar inverters. They make an amazing premium inverter that also comes with a 10 year warranty.

They definitely have earned that reputation over the last few years for being one of top inverters on the market.

Although not quite as notorious as the big boy Fronius they are getting pretty close…

When it comes with a much cheaper price tag and with a 10 year warranty it is definitely worth considering!

SunGrow Hits Back!!

sungrow is better than fronius and growatt inverters

Comparison Of All 3 Inverters


One of our favorite solar inverters to install in the Australian climate.

Fronius key selling points are;

  • European made
  • 97.8% efficiency
  • Easy Installation
  • Great WIFI app
  • Inbuilt DC isolator
  • 10 year extended warranty
  • Extremely reliable
  • Great aftersales and technical support from Fronius Australia
fronius inverter selling points

The only downside to the Fronius Primo solar inverter is the fan can be a little noisy. So make sure it’s not installed on your bedroom wall!


Sungrow inverters can be the perfect compromise between brand and price without losing any quality. 

Sungrow’s key selling points are;

  • High Quality build
  • 98.4% efficiency
  • Great WIFI app
  • Quiet
  • Inbuilt in DC isolator, for a neat installation
  • Arc fault detection
  • 10 year product warranty included
  • Sleek design
  • Great aftersales and warranty support
sungrow residential inverter

The only thing that may be in question about the Sungrow inverters are that they are made in China.

While China now makes many great solar products there is still a stigma about this for some. But honestly, we think for the price tag this inverter gives Fronius a run for their money.


5 years ago Growatt inverters had a reputation as not being reliable. In recent years they have fixed all their issues and have since earned their new reputation of the best quality affordable solar inverter on the market.

As I mentioned earlier, you could buy 3 of these for the price of 1 Fronius primo and hey, if it does the same job and you’re on a budget that might be a gamble that is worth taking?

Especially when it has the same warranty period as Fronius.

Growatt’s key selling points are;

  • Affordability
  • 98.4% efficiency
  • Nice design
  • Inbuilt DC isolator
  • Good wifi app
  • 10 year extended warranty
growatt solar inverter selling points

While these inverters are amazing bang for buck. My only issue is every time I have tried to call Growatt tech support they seem to be “out for lunch..” that said, they do get back to you and help with any issues eventually 🙂


To be honest, all three of these solar inverters are going to be a fantastic option for homeowners in Australia. I know it sounds vague, but each one is a good choice and have passed all the regulations and tests to get approved in Australia. 

Look, it’s all about finding out which inverter is best for your home, budget and the system that you want. Every home is different, this is why we hate big companies offering cookie cutter solar. That shouldn’t exist! One 6.6kw system for a particular home will be so different for another home… 

The best thing to do is understand which one is best suited for your requirements. This is why we offer solar proposals and not quotes. 

Like I said, each system needs to be specially designed and each inverter will do a different job or make the quote unique. You might find Fronius can offer 1 thing where as Sungrow offers another? 

If you are interested in a solar proposal to find out which one is best for you then get in touch with my design engineers on our Sungrow page here

Also, feel free to leave your thoughts on these inverters in the comments below! We’ve installed hundreds of all, so share with everyone your experience of these inverters 😁. 

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Written By:

Luke Cove
Managing Director
Lightning Solar & Electrical

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6 thoughts on “Fronius VS SunGrow VS Growatt: Comparative Guide”

  1. Hi there, great review, just what I needed. I have created a business in Nineria to install solar electricity solutions, one of my concerns was the relatively high ambient temperature in Nigeria. Do you think that it’s best to consider fan cooled inverters or could fanless also work? I ask this because Australia has high ambient temperatures too.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. I would pick growatt mini over faronius all day smaller in size no fan noise and the support i have received while getting to know growatt is first class

  3. If one could actually tell based on the components used as to why fronius is premium while growatt is really not, that would be helpful .
    Growatt being considered a lower quality inverter has better efficiency than Fronius.

  4. Hi
    I’m looking at installing a Growatt
    SPF 5000TL HVM-WPV.
    To choose a location what sort of noise would it give off in a small cabin?
    Could it be in the same room as a TV ?
    Thanks for any advice cheers

    1. Hey Tim,

      The inverter cannot go in a bedroom or cabinet. The fan is generally more quiet than Fronius. It’s a great choice, what size system are you looking to install this inverter with? Feel free to get in touch.

  5. Looking at 5kw system using Trina 390 vertex panels . I will have 2groups facing north on one mppt string and the others 2groups of 3panels one facing east other west on 2nd mppt string
    ,from what i have read on the Fronius it would manage this with what they call internal optomising that will counteract the different sunlight on these 2 groups being morning sun against afternoon sun. This is the only direction i can face panels,.Can you advise if this will work or do i need to use optomisers on these panels and would the Sungrow handle this configuration as well as the Fronius. Regards., Allen

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